Boost Your Child's Biology Grades With LessonWise

As a field of science, biology helps us understand the living world and the ways its many species (including humans) function, evolve, and interact. Advances in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, and many other areas of biology have brought improvements in the quality of life.

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A Pricing Overview

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can select a tutor from the below categories. 

TIP: A younger tutor may infuse more energy and fresh perspectives, while a qualified teacher with decades of teaching experience brings unparalleled insight, firmness, and effectiveness. It really is a matter of preference!

  • Undergraduate

    Undergraduate tutors currently studying their tutoring subject at university and who have at least 2 years’ experience *As advertised.
    £30- £40
  • Professional

    Graduate tutors with tutor professionally, are subject experts, and have at least 5 years’ experience tutoring privately
    £40- £55
  • Qualified Teacher

    Qualified teachers with several years of both classroom and online tutoring experience and a PGCE or QTS
    £40- £75

Why A LessonWise Tutor?

Research shows that providing a child with a quality 1-to-1 tutor has the potential to raise their performance by two standard deviations above their class average. 

In other words, if a student is at the 50th percentile in their class and they receive quality 1-to-1 tutoring, they jump on average to the 98th percentile!!

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Fully Tailored Learning Plans

Our expert tutors assess each student to create a customised learning plan that meets their needs and ensures maximum learning success. Every student is different, and it's this differentiation that allows them to shine!


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Personalised Attention

1-to-1 tuition guarantees students and their needs are the focus of the lessons. This helps overcome doubts, focus learning and build confidence, and increased confidence helps them better attack and strategise exam answers!


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All Exam Boards Covered

Our lessons are tailored to whichever exam board you are working towards. This means your child enters the exam room with expert knowledge on how answers need to be approached and answered!


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Vetted, Trusted Tutors

All our tutors are fully vetted for your peace of mind. With LessonWise it's not just great creds that make a tutor. References and DBS checks are vital to our hiring process!


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Deeper Conceptual Learning

Our tutors emphasise deeper learning, building confidence and curiosity to learn more. When exams come, students go beyond remembering, they are fully prepared to answer exam questions! 


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Interactive Online Lessons

Online tuition also ensures your child's learning will never be limited by their location or schedule. In addition, all our lessons are also recorded so students can refer back anytime!


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are often asked. If your question isn't listed, feel free to get in touch!