GCSE 2022 Result Day

calendar_todayJuly 21, 2022
GCSE 2022 Result Day

🎉Exams have returned in 2022 🎉

So get ready to celebrate your GCSE results 🥳 as they are coming up very soon. We're going to be sharing all the information you need to know about this year's results.

Schools and Colleges receive the results on Wednesday 24th of August, whilst students receive their results the next day, Thursday 25th of August.

If you don't have a cause to celebrate, as you think your exams were marked incorrectly, you can always appeal your marking.

How to appeal your Results

How to appeal your GCSE 2022 Results

Students are allowed to challenge their results and appeal their grades.

To appeal your grade, you can contact your school and request that they contact the exam board to review your results.

The board will look over your exam for any inaccurate markings and will change your markings if they find any errors. This might not be enough to move your grade. If you still think there's a mistake, you can appeal further to the board.

If you believe the board failed in the assessment process, you can appeal again with Ofqual.
You can read more about appealing with Ofqual here

Keep in Mind: Grades can go up or down as a result of an appeal.

Missed a GCSE Exam because you were sick?

If you have a fever or a positive Covid test, it's recommended you follow the guidelines, stay home and avoid contact. If you missed an exam because you were sick from Covid or other illness, you should fill in a self-certification form and send it to your school.

If you've had Covid, special considerations can be made regarding your exam. Proof of having Covid is currently not required but it's recommended you attach a picture of a positive Covid test.

Hopefully, this short guide has simplified everything you need to know for results day!

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