How to ensure your child has the safest online learning experience

calendar_todaySeptember 20, 2021
How to ensure your child has the safest online learning experience

Want to hire an online tutor for your child but are worried about the dangers of the internet? Safeguarding children online continues to be a vital aspect in today’s world given the amount of available information and the risks of children being exposed to bullying or abuse. Therefore, ensuring children are safe when they receive online tuition is vital.

Here we look at how you can guarantee that your child's online learning experience is safe!

Firstly, ensure the tutor you are considering has a full understanding of what safeguarding means and what safeguarding students during lessons online entails. This article can be quite useful for parents and tutors to have a more in-depth understanding of the matter.

Clear boundaries must be set in place before an online tutoring session starts between a tutor and their student so both parties know what is expected from each other during the session. For example, knowing at what time they should log into the virtual classroom or videoconferencing tool, or if there will be any breaks during the lesson.

Moreover, tutors may want to agree in principle with families as to what guidelines to follow when it comes to interactions with their children. For example, they could agree that all interactions remain within the online classroom and that no contact is to be made outside of lessons without parents being informed. Moreover, they can agree on a set of behavioural rules that the tutor must follow during the lesson with the child. This will ensure that the child remains in a secure environment while learning remotely.

Lastly, a great way to ensure safeguarding during the online learning experience is to provide a recording of every online lesson. It is therefore vital that the online tutoring platform of choice has lesson recording capabilities. This will help parents to not only keep track of their child's progress but also monitor their safety as well as what goes on during the lesson.

We at LessonWise provide a recording of every lesson thus ensuring the safeguarding of every one of our users.