The 4 Best Ways to Revise Maths GCSE:
Grade 9 Tips from MA Mathematics Graduate, University of Cambridge

calendar_todayJanuary 21, 2022
The 4 Best Ways to Revise Maths GCSE

It’s that time of year where mock results are out and you may be wondering how best to improve your marks. We want to make sure that revising maths for the real exam is not as painful as it may seem.

Ilan Lazarus, MA Mathematics Graduate from University of Cambridge, is one of our talented tutors here on LessonWise and provides the 4 best ways to revise Maths GCSE to boost your mark to a Grade 9.

  1. Lots of past papers and basic ‘exam-style’ practice questions:
    There is no better form of maths revision than to work through example questions.
    When stuck on a question, always use a worked-out solution and make sure you understand each step. Even if you are using the first steps as a hint, try to solve the rest yourself.
    After you have understood the question, try to reconstruct the answer yourself again - yes, repetition helps!
    Even if you are not ready for past papers, doing plenty of ‘exam-style’ practice questions will also help.
  2. Strong grasp of basic maths concepts:
    Be sure to focus on basic maths concepts and think about how they can be used in real life situation examples. You can consider simple word problems to start off with.
    The key topics to focus on are:
    • percentages
    • fractions
    • ratios
    • multiplication
    • division
    • probability
  3. Algebra skills revision:
    Simplifying and re-arranging algebraic expressions can save you lots of time and improve your accuracy in the exam!
  4. Sense check:
    Always try to think about how big the numbers should be relative to each other- This is one of the most common GCSE maths mistakes.
    If you multiply something by 0.7, should you end up with a result that is less or more than what you started with?

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