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We match your child with expert tutors who tailor their teaching to fit your child’s unique learning style and needs. 

While we can't take away all your worries, our expert tutors can help your child unlock their full potential, boost confidence, improve knowledge retention, and excel in crucial exams.

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We are confident in our tutors' abilities. Your first lesson is on us—if it’s not the right fit, we'll find the perfect tutor for your child at no additional cost.

Tutoring For All Ages, Levels, & Subjects

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How It Works

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    Discovery call

    Schedule a call with us so we can understand y our child's educational needs better. During this call, we’ll discuss your child's strengths, areas for improvement, and overall goals. It's important for us to match your child with the right tutor who can provide the support they need.

    Our expert tutors will assess your child's current level and create a customised learning plan that targets their specific needs, ensuring a path to maximum learning success.

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    Book a free trial lesson

    We offer a free trial lesson with one of our top tutors, giving both you and your child the opportunity to experience LessonWise without any commitment. 

    During this trial, your child will engage in a tailored lesson designed to meet their individual learning goals. This session will allow you to see firsthand the quality of our tutoring and how well it aligns with your child's needs.

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    Start learning

    Once you are satisfied with the trial lesson and ready to proceed, you can choose to continue with the recommended tutor or course. We wish your child the best of luck and can't wait to see their grades and confidence soar (and help you worry a little less 😉)

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Online Virtual Classroom

Discover how our platform fosters an engaging and effective learning environment, tailored to meet your needs.

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  • Stay connected outside the classroom

    Reach out to your peers and your tutors to continue interacting and learning even after the lesson has ended

  • All lessons recorded

    Research shows that if you revisit the exact same information you were taught initially, you are more likely to retain that information

Real Stories From Our Students - Tia's Story

Experience the impact of LessonWise through the eyes of our students. Tia shares how the platform has changed her learning journey, providing personalised support and valuable resources that make studying more effective and enjoyable.

What Students and Parents Say 🙏🏼

  • "My tuition sessions have been amazing, your tutors are so lovely and they helped me learn so much in the span of two hours that I've been struggling for weeks now!"

    Rida - LW Student
  • "Without LessonWise, I would have had to find videos and research and revise every individual topic by themselves. Thank you so much for your help, I’m truly grateful and I definitely recommend your platform to anyone wanting to improve their grades and feel more confident in their knowledge for GCSEs! Can’t fault it at all. The tutors are lovely and answer any questions you may have and make sure everyone understands the content. They explain in a simple and grasping way, ensuring that you not only retain the knowledge but understand how to apply your knowledge to the questions.!"

    Demi - GCSE Student
  • "Thank you so much! The tuition sessions certainly paid off - I was very happy with my IB results and managed to achieve my offer from UAL and Architectural Association!"

    Zeina - IB Student
  • "My daughter really enjoys Tutor Annabelle's lessons and she exceeded in her Year 10 Physics summer exam. I am surprised by how few lessons she managed to really improve my daughter's marks! Thank you - Reason why we choose LessonWise! You are on hand to help. Appreciate this."

    Deval - Parent of a GCSE student
  • "[My son's] Biology and Chemistry went from a predicted 4 to a 9 thanks to your tutors. He hasn't stopped bragging about it!"

    Reena - Parent fo GCSE student
  • "[My son] got A for Chemistry and Physics, B for Biology. Thank you for all the help! All the courses are very good and the tutor was excellent. We are very happy with all the courses, homework and videos. [My son] watched some videos after each lesson to review and found them extremely helpful."

    Christina - Parent of a 13+ science student
  • "The courses were excellent! Thank you - I have recommended your services to a friend who will be in touch soon."

    Anna - Parent of a 13+ Science student

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