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Our Mission

We are striving to reinvent the approach to online learning, combining a feature packed online classroom and robust infrastructure so community members can easily share knowledge in real-time, and connect with other like-minded users. Given the accelerated global shift towards digital learning due to COVID-19, we are committed to helping students better themselves by easily accessing the expertise they need, whilst at the same time empowering tutors by helping them scale up. Our long-term goal is “any topic, any subject”, no matter how specific or niche.

Our Mission

Our Story

Over six years,LessonWise co-founder and creator Manfred had built a successful career as an educator and tutor,half of which had been predominantly performed online. A mechanical engineer and a musician,he found profound meaning in his ability to positively impact students,help them grow their confidence,and ultimately become their best selves.

Back in 2017,creator and co-founder Bruno was looking for a guitar tutor for his son. Through a friend’s recommendation,Bruno got in touch with Manfred. After wrapping up a lesson in December of 2019,they chatted about the tutoring industry in general,and how it seemed increasingly harder for tutors to grow their businesses. Manfred shared that he was trying to find ways to expand his reach and get through to more students when doing online lessons. Remembering an article he had read in the months before,Bruno spoke about Hong Kong’s “Rockstar Tutors”,who had built up immense audiences and provided education for large groups of students. Before long,they realised that finding an online interactive platform designed to allow fast scalability while providing a built-in online classroom and all the required admin tools to ease up the process,was not an easy thing to find. And so LessonWise was created!

For the past year and a half,our team has worked tirelessly to create LessonWise. It was our mission to create the most comprehensive online platform,offering full administrative support for tutors and students alike including simple course creation,automatic payments processing and a fully interactive online classroom. LessonWise was founded to allow students to grow their skills and unlock their full potential by easily accessing online lessons and connecting with top tutors around the world. And to empower tutors by providing them with an integrated environment that offers them all they need to succeed at what they do.

Unlimited Learning Fun

Accessible and interactive online lessons

We are striving to continuously optimise online learning. We do this by combining a highly interactive online classroom experience and a user-led web environment that removes many of the accessibility barriers faced by online learners today.

Accessible and Interactive Online Lessons

Easy. Effective. Empowering. And fun!

Created by lifelong learners and educators, LessonWise aims to empower members by allowing them to access and register their courses and lessons, share knowledge with ease, connect with other like-minded users and have fun while taking full control over their educational journey.

Easy.  Effective. Empowering. (And Yes, Fun!)

Unlimited learning, for everyone…

Our motivation at LessonWise is to provide learners with unrestricted access to knowledge in any subject or topic, delivered by the most talented educators around the world. LessonWise is committed to removing educational and logistical barriers to ensure online education is accessible for all.

Unlimited learning, for everyone…

Join a committed community of online learners and passionate educators!

Innovative technology. A committed community of online learners. Passionate educators dedicated to their craft. LessonWise empowers students and tutors alike to embrace opportunities to gain and share knowledge, achieve academic goals, and develop skills from experts throughout the world.

Join a committed community of online learners and passionate educators!

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