GCSE Results 2023: Challenges and Opportunities

calendar_todaySeptember 11, 2023
GCSE Results 2023: Challenges and Opportunities

In a recent turn of events, GCSE results in England faced a significant setback in 2023 with approximately 30% of entries receiving a grade 3 or below. This comes as the government took decisive steps to eliminate the grade inflation that had accumulated during the pandemic. While it was anticipated that grades might dip after the government’s decision to return to 2019 levels, this year’s results still slightly exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

How do the new GCSE grades work?

In 2017, the UK government first rolled out a new GCSE number grading system in key subjects for GCSE English Language & Literature and GCSE Maths. The grade boundaries changed from a lettering system (A*- G) to a numerical one (9-1).  The reform was intended to be able to easily distinguish students of different abilities.

GCSE grades conversion table (numbers to letters) – What do the GCSE grades numbers mean?

9 – High A*
8 – Low A* / High A
7 – Low A
6 – High B
5 – Low B / High C
4 – Low C (Pass)
3 – D / High E
2 – Low E / High F
1 – Low F / G
U – Unclassified

So, what can Year 11 students do to navigate these challenging times and secure their academic futures?

The answer lies in early preparation. It’s crucial for students to commence their GCSE exam preparations well in advance, addressing potential knowledge gaps, reinforcing basic knowledge, refining exam techniques, and bolstering overall confidence. Two core subjects that often raise concerns among students are GCSE English and GCSE Maths. In fact, they had one of the lowest proportions of top grades amongst all subjects, 19.8% and 21.2% respectively. Students must grasp the nuances of these subjects and prepare effectively as they carry substantial weight in the new grading system and are essential for future prospects.

Further, students must come to grips with specific exam board’s assessment criteria and testing format. For instance, Edexcel, being one of the most popular exam boards for GCSE Maths, means that students can take advantage of all the publicly available past papers and mark schemes to practice with. These online resources can provide valuable insights into how students can achieve top grades. With ample time leading up to the summer of 2024, students have a significant opportunity to enhance their chances of success.

What is the role of tutoring in improving GCSE outcomes?

One highly effective means to expedite this preparation is through tutoring. Accessible tutoring can make a world of difference, as it is inherently designed to unlock students’ full potential.

At LessonWise, we recognise the transformative potential of tutoring, and we take pride in being able to offer tutoring support from experienced, engaging, and experienced tutors. Whether students are re-sitting their GCSE exams or conquering the papers first time round, we provide unparalleled tailored solutions to ensure every student achieve their goal. Our mission is to provide students with the resources they need to excel academically, regardless of their background. We firmly believe that every student deserves an equitable chance at success, and we are here to support them on their journey to achieving their best results in their GCSE exams.


In conclusion, through early and diligent preparation, coupled with accessible tutoring solutions, students can surmount these obstacles and ensure they are thoroughly prepared for the upcoming exams next year. LessonWise remains steadfast in its commitment to being a part of this solution by offering affordable tutoring services that empower students to reach their full potential.