frequently asked questions (faqs)

Registering a course
Once you’ve registered your Tutor account, filled in at least the first 8 sections of your registration, and provided your bank details, you are ready to register a course!

Click on the Register a Course link either in your profile or in your main menu.
Registering a course in menu
Once the course registration window appears, select whether your course will be a Quick Registration/One-on-One (private) course or a Group Course. Thereafter provide all the basic details required as well as all further information such as subject, description, course content, requirements and the course’s image and video (only for group courses), and voilà!

Registering a course
  • 1. Quick Registration / One-on-One (private) course

    These types of courses are ideal for pre-agreed, quick arrangements with a single student. The registration process is much easier as it is meant to quickly provide access to the Online Classroom for both the Student and the Tutor.

    Select the student you are delivering the lesson for (the student will be notified) and fill in all the required information. Once you are ready, click on the Publish Course at the bottom of the page.

    Quick Registration / One-on-One (private) course
  • 2. Group Course

    These courses are meant to be delivered for groups of students. The registration requires detailed information including the content and syllabus of every lesson, an overall description of the course, all relevant requirements, a course image and a course video aimed at connecting with your students and describing your course in detail. They are advertised on our public listings and are open for anyone to join.

    Group Course