Preparing for 11+ School Entrance Interviews

calendar_todayJuly 26, 2023
Preparing for 11+ School Entrance Interviews

In preparation for 11 plus interviews, several key areas are worth focusing on. The first aspect to understand is what the interviewer is looking for. They will be considering what the child might contribute to the school over the five years they would be there, if they would be interested in studying and eager to learn new things, if they would be a good team player, and if the child has any particular talents which the school could help develop. 

Here are some tips on how to prepare: 
  1. Engage in real-life mathematical problems, such as working out a budget while shopping, measuring, and putting together DIY projects. 
  2. Carry out quick weekly revision of fundamental maths skills such as times tables and key mathematical facts. 
  3. Encourage regular reading or audiobook time on a daily basis, allowing the child to pick a diverse range of good quality texts. 
How to present yourself in an interview: 
  1. Dress smartly: shirts tucked in, hair tidy, and shoes polished. 
  2. Make eye contact: When introduced to the interviewer, look them in the eye, give a firm handshake, and introduce yourself with a smile. 
  3. Maintain good posture: Sit upright with your bottom to the back of the seat and keep your hands clasped together in your lap to prevent fidgeting. 
How to answer 11 plus interview questions: 
  1. Don’t rush: Take your time to think about your answer before responding. 
  2. Clarify the question: If you’re unsure what the interviewer meant by a certain question or word, ask them to clarify. 
  3. Avoid repetition: Try to use a wide range of words that demonstrate a good vocabulary. 
  4. Avoid answers that are too short: Use the P.E.E method (Point, Explanation, Evidence) to give fuller, more complete answers. 
  5. Give balance to your answers: Talk through your logic and thought process, arguing both sides. 
  6. Be relaxed, but not too relaxed: Approach the interviewer as though you were talking to a friend’s parent; be measured, polite, and focused. 

As for the types of questions that might be asked, they tend to fall into two categories: Core and Extension. Core questions cover areas such as Family, Your school, Reading, Academics, and Extracurricular.  

Questions Examples: 
  1. “How do you like to spend time as a family?” 
  2. “What is your favorite thing about your current school?” 
  3. “Tell me about what you are reading at the moment” 
  4. “What are your favorite and least favorite subjects?” 
  5. “What interests would you like to pursue further at your new school?”​ 
The Take-Away 

In conclusion, preparing for the 11 Plus interview can feel like a daunting task, but you don’t have to do it alone.  

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So why wait?  

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