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  • Key takeaways

    Dive deep into the curriculum with comprehensive coverage, hone your skills with intensive exam practice, engage in interactive Q&A sessions, access revision resources, and receive regular feedback.

  • Year-long support

    Benefit from ongoing support and guidance from our top GCSE maths tutors throughout the year, maximising your preparation for success.

  • Fees

    Gain access to all this for just £40 per month, equivalent to £10 per lesson for four 90-minute sessions.

  • Small Group

    Join a maximum of 15 students per group, ensuring personalised attention and tailored learning experiences.

  • Continuous Support outside of lessons

    Our tutors are available daily for doubt clearing and to provide support and feedback beyond lesson hours.

  • Practice Resources

    Access expertly curated practice materials to sustain your preparation and familiarise yourself with exam-style questions.


Sessions take place every Monday or Thursday from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM, or on Saturday from 2:00 PM to 3:15 PM during term time.

Course Programme

Who is this course for?

This GCSE Maths preparation course is designed to accompany Year 11 students throughout their
academic year to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for their GCSE exams in the summer of

Why Choose Lessonwise?

We recognise the transformative potential of tutoring, especially when led by the best tutors. Yet, we understand that tutoring can be a privilege for those who can afford it. Our mission is to democratise access to quality tutoring, ensuring that every child, irrespective of their background, embraces the chance for a brighter future.

High Success rates

87% of our students have achieved either an 8 or a 9 in their GCSEs.

Access the best educators in the country

All our tutors have joined LessonWise following a stringent vetting process, ensuring only the best candidates come through. We exclusively provide fully qualified tutors who have undergone a DBS check for your peace of mind.

Fully Tailored Learning Plans

Our expert tutors assess each student to create a customised learning plan that meets their needs and ensures maximum learning success.   

Personalised Attention 

1-to-1 tuition guarantees students receive maximum attention. This helps overcome doubts, focus learning and build confidence to tackle Maths exams. 

All Exam Boards Covered 

Our lessons are tailored to whichever exam board you are working towards.  

Deeper Conceptual Learning

Our tutors emphasise deeper learning as this builds confidence and curiosity to learn more. When it comes to exam time students go beyond simply remembering, they are fully prepared to answer exam questions. 

Interactive Online Lessons

Learn online, wherever you are. Online tuition also ensures your child's learning will never be limited by their location or schedule. In addition, all our lessons are recorded for better revision.

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🚀 Our Results 🚀

My GCSE results were amazing. I scored straight 8’s and 9’s and was only a few marks off a 9 in most subjects. Thanks for asking :)

Zakhira - GCSE Student

Hi! I did a GCSE maths revision session in May and it was amazing! I got 9s in all of my GCSEs including maths and the revision session was tailored to the advanced information so it definitely helped and made my revision way more efficient and effective than it would’ve been without LessonWise.

Demi - GCSE student

I think so I’m v pleased
He got 7 subjects at 8, & 3 subjects at 7….so from the mocks to the real ones he’s done brilliantly
He wanted a 9 in maths and geography but he seen the grade boundaries for maths, he’s 16 marks into an 8, but not far enough to re consider a remark for a 9.

Reena - Parent of a gcse student

I did 12 subjects, and achieved 9’s in all of them!

grace - gcse student

My GCSE results were amazing. I scored straight 8’s and 9’s and was only a few marks off a 9 in most subjects. Thanks for asking :)

Read the story in our company blog.

My GCSE’s went well! I got 7’s and 8’s in the majority of my subjects thanks to your help and support!!

Sabina- gcse student

The Power Of Group Tutoring

  • 1


    By being in a group you are naturally motivated to keep up with the pace of the course and your peers. Accountability helps you grow in self-control as you know you will have to answer for your choices and actions. Improve your mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary to attain your desired outcome. Be responsible and take ownership of your pursuit of success.

    Meet ryan
  • 2

    Enhanced Thinking

    Exposure to diverse perspectives not only challenges but also enriches and refines your views. It also helps you consolidate your knowledge more effectively.
    A well-developed set of Critical Thinking skills builds self empowerment and confidence. It enables you to efficiently gather knowledge, quickly process information, and intelligently analyze data. Armed with critical thinking tools, you will be able to confidently adapt to most issues, in life or work.

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  • 3

    Peer Support

    Embark on a journey of learning and growth alongside your peers, fostering a culture of collaboration and collective advancement. Peer support is about conversation, dialog, and mutual understanding. There is comfort in knowing that someone else has been through the struggles you are experiencing. It focuses on the art of connecting with others.

    Meet ryan (3)
  • 4


    Pool resources to share costs, ensuring that lessons are more accessible and affordable for everyone involved.

    Meet ryan (4)
  • 5


    Engage in dynamic group setups that foster heightened interactivity and active participation, enhancing your overall learning experience. People who are engaged and able to use their strengths for positive benefots fo others, will feel happier over the longer term. Engagement also helps build mental wellbeing and self-esteem.

    Meet ryan (1)
  • 6


    Watch lesson recordings, revise consistently, and collaborate with peers for insights. This proactive approach shapes you into a robust and resilient learner.

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Payment Options

At LessonWise we are dedicated to making quality GCSE Maths tuition accessible and affordable. We understand that different students have varying needs when it comes to online payments, so we offer flexible options to suit your preferences.


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Monthly payment

4 lessons/month at £10 per 90-minute lesson.