Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions were last updated on May 15th, 2024.

Welcome to lessonwise.org.

The following Terms of Use set out the rules that govern your access to and use of the LessonWise platform, including any content, functionalities and services offered on it. Please read these terms carefully and thoroughly before using this site.

By using this platform, opening an account or agreeing to the Terms of Use whenever offered to, you agree to abide by these Terms and you accept our Privacy Policy found here.

LessonWise is an online platform operated by Education Technologies Limited, a limited company registered in England and Wales under the number 12378750. LessonWise is referred here to as “we”, “us” or the “Site”, and users of our platform are referred to as “you” or “user”.


1.1. ‘LessonWise’, ‘we’, ‘us’, the ‘Company’ or the ‘Platform’ refers to Education  Technologies Limited, a limited company registered in England and Wales under the  number 12378750 whose registered office is 24 City Road, EC1V 2NX, London. 

1.2. ‘The User’ refers to any user of the Company’s services: 

1.2.1. ‘The Student’ refers to the recipient of tuition as well as the person or  organisation responsible for purchasing Lessons or Courses (below outlined). 1.2.2. ‘The tutor’ refers to the provider of online teaching in any arrangement  administered by or through the LessonWise platform. 

1.3. ‘The Lesson’ refers to a single instance of online tuition conducted on the LessonWise  Platform. 

1.4. ‘The Course’ refers to a teaching arrangement consisting of multiple lessons. 

1.5. ‘The Tuition’ refers to a teaching arrangement between a Tutor and a Student (in the  context of Self-Arranged courses below outlined), or between the Company and the  Student (in the context of Arranged Courses below outlined). 

1.6. ‘Arranged Group Courses’ refers to any public single or multi-lesson group course that is organised, administered, advertised, and launched directly by LessonWise. 

1.7. ‘Tutor Agreement’ refers to a contract outlining the terms on which Tutors conduct specific Arranged (group) Courses organised by the Company. Such contract is to be drafted on a case  by case basis and it includes (but is not limited to) the responsibilities to be assumed  by the tutor, cancelation policies, liabilities, pay, schedule of lessons, and curriculum. 


Adequate Use Policy  

We want to ensure that all of our Students and Tutors feel safe and comfortable when using  our platform and services. Therefore, this policy has been drafted to make sure that people  understand and follow the rules when using any of our services or interacting with any content  or users. 

You are prohibited from using LessonWise to share content that: 

2.1. Contains illegal information or promotes illegal activities with the intent to commit  such activities. 

2.2. Contains threats or organizes acts of violence. We do not allow content that creates a  risk of physical injury, property damage, threatens people or public safety, organizes or  encourages harm. 

2.3. Harasses others. We encourage opinions about people and/or matters that are of public  interest, but any abusive or otherwise inappropriate content aimed at any private  individuals is forbidden. 

2.4. Represents irrelevant or inappropriate advertising, promotional, or solicitation content. 5. Spams others. 

2.5. Violates intellectual property or other rights. Do not share content that you do not have  the right to share or claim intellectual property over content you did not created. Always  attribute resources and materials you use or quote to the original copyright owner. 7. Otherwise violates our Terms of Use. 

We may remove or modify any inappropriate content identified by or reported to us. We may  suspend, disable, or terminate a user’s access to all or part of our services if we deem that they  have shared content that violates any of the above points. 

Moreover, you are not allowed to: 

1. Do anything that violates local, national, or international law.

2. Use this platform in any way that is fraudulent or unlawful. 

3. Use this platform with the purpose of harming others. 

4. Attempt to access any other user’s account. 

5. Do anything that might put your account at risk. For example, sharing your password  or letting anyone besides yourself access your account. 

6. Access, tamper with, or use non-public areas of our systems. 

7. Copy, transfer, sell, resell, or otherwise misuse any content from our platform. 8. Test the vulnerability of our systems or networks. Break or circumvent our security  measures. 

9. Try to reverse engineer any component of our services or functionalities.

10. Try to interfere with any user or network, for example by mail-bombing, sending  viruses, overloading or spamming. 

11. Use any functionalities and services offered by LessonWise for anything other than  completing online courses and lessons, delivering courses and lessons, advertising your  teaching services, advertising courses and lessons you have registered or would like to  register, interacting and socializing with other LessonWise users, posting genuine  content, commenting on other users’ content. 

12. Falsely impersonate your affiliation with any entity or person. 

We may suspend, disable, or terminate a user’s access to all or part of our services if we deem  that they have incurred in any of the above points.


3.1. This agreement, and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature  arising out of or in any way relating to this agreement or its formation (including any  non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by and construed in accordance  with English law, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and  Wales. 


Both Tutors and Students need an account in order to conduct most activities on the  LessonWise platform, including but not limited to registering and delivering courses and  lessons, purchasing courses and lessons, adding users or content to your list, generating  resources, connecting and interacting with other users. You are fully responsible for all  activities related to your account and therefore you may not share your login credentials with  anyone else. If you suspect someone else is using your account login details, you must notify  us immediately by contacting us here. 

Creating an account with LessonWise: 

4.1. Tutor accounts: 

4.1.1. To conduct lessons and courses on the LessonWise platform, Tutors must have  an account registered with LessonWise and fill out all the relevant details in their  Tutor profile. 

4.1.2. Tutors must have an active bank account that allows them to receive payments  and that is supported by Stripe (see Supported Countries for more details). 4.1.3. Provided the Tutor has a valid bank account, they must add their bank account  details in their account settings before receiving any payments from conducting  lessons. 

4.1.4. By creating a Tutor account with LessonWise and adding their bank details to  their account settings, Tutors provide consent for LessonWise to automatically  create a Stripe account on their behalf, which will serve as a payment gateway for  them to automatically receive payments directly to their bank account (see  section 7 for more detailed information). IMPORTANT: Tutors have the right to  revoke such consent at any point in time should they wish to use a different payment mechanism.

4.2. Students: 

4.2.1. Students must have reached the age of consent for online services in their country of residence to use LessonWise (for example 13 in the UK and in the US,  16 in Ireland). 

4.2.2. If you are under 18, but above the age of consent to use online services where  you live, you must provide the contact details of a parent or guardian to the  Company before registering an account. Access or use by anyone under 13 will not be granted unless the guardian  or parent of such user provides us with explicit consent after being contacted  by email. 


The Company acts as an Employment Business and therefore the following terms apply: 

5.1. The Company acts as a principal contractual intermediary specialising in sourcing  tuition businesses who can provide one-to-one or group tuition to Students. 

5.2. The Tutor is one such business and has agreed to provide such expertise from time to time. 

5.3. The Tutor represents that they supply tuition services on an independent business to  business basis and that the tuition services do not involve the Tutor working under the  supervision, direction, or control of any person. 

5.4. As the Company has the legal responsibility to provide the tuition service under the  agreement, it can contact Students to collect feedback, make changes to the service,  price or any other business terms that exist between the Company and the Student. 

5.5. The Company sets the terms on which its self-employed subcontractors (Tutors) deliver the tuition programmes it organises, and such terms are to be laid out in the  Tutor Agreement. 

5.6. The Company can terminate the Tutor’s services at any time. 

5.7. The Company can set the fee offered to the tutor for the work. Under certain  circumstances, it may be able to amend this fee, however this will depend on the terms  detailed in the Tutor Agreement. 


6.1. Upon using the services of the Company, the user will be considered to have accepted these Terms. 

6.2. In accepting these Terms, it is understood that the company can make no guarantee as to the outcome of a given Tuition Service, in respect of grades or certification from  any educational institution. The quality of the Student’s academic work remains their responsibility, and the role of the Tutor will never be more than advisory. 

6.3. Acceptance of these Terms will also be understood to signify acceptance of the  company’s Privacy Policy. 


7.1. All charges for tuition are at agreed upon between the Company and the Tutor on a case by case basis, where the Company agrees to compensate the Tutor based on the hourly rate put forward by the Tutor. Any queries arising from these should be directed to the Company in the first instance. 

7.2. Fees are payable for LessonWise’s services in the form of commission for every Lesson or Course enrolled in on the platform. 

7.3. The total cost of tuition, inclusive of both the Tutor’s fees and LessonWise’s fees. 

7.4. These charges will be clearly set out in the Student’s Order History,  available to view at any time on their account on the Platform. 

7.5. Invoices will be raised automatically once the charges have been recorded, and notifications of charges will be sent to the Student via email and through automatic notifications on the Platform as soon as a lesson has ended and on a lesson-by lesson basis. 

7.6. Charges for tuition on the LessonWise platform will be attempted immediately upon enrolling in a Lesson or Course. IMPORTANT: Failure to process charges  to Students due to debit/credit card issues (or otherwise) will prevent the Student  from enrolling/attending such Course or Lesson. 

7.7. The usual payment method is via debit or credit card, via the Platform. 

7.8. Electronic payments are administered through a third-party payment provider known as Stripe. IMPORTANT: The Student will be required to permit the storage of the details of a debit or credit card on this system, to allow payment to be taken. 

In the context of Arranged Group Courses: 

7.9. All charges for tuition are at the sole discretion of the Company, and any queries arising from these should be directed to the Company. 

7.10. Charges for tuition conducted on the LessonWise platform will be calculated  according to the pre-established schedule of Lessons as part of an Arranged Group Course and the fees owed to the Tutor as laid out on the Tutor Agreement. 

7.11. Such charges will be disclosed and advertised to Students as a single sum. 

7.12. Charges for tuition on the LessonWise platform will be attempted immediately  upon enrolling in a Lesson or Course. IMPORTANT: Failure to process charges  to Students due to debit/credit card issues (or otherwise) will prevent the Student  from enrolling/attending their desired Course or Lesson. 

7.13. Charges for the tuition services will be displayed in the Student’s Order History,  available to view at any time on their account on the Platform. 

7.14. Invoices will be raised automatically once the charges have been recorded, and  notification of charges will be sent to the Student via email and through automatic  notifications on the Platform. 

7.15. The usual payment method is via debit or credit card, via the Platform. 

7.16. Electronic payments are administered through a third-party payment provider known as Stripe. IMPORTANT: The Student will be required to permit the storage  of the details of a debit or credit card on this system, to allow payment to be taken 


8.1 Once a Tutor publishes a course on the platform (of a single lesson or multiple  lessons, either private or public), an automatic charge tied to such course is generated. 

8.2. In order for a Student to join or enrol onto such course, the Student must complete an upfront payment for the fee established for such course, with either a  debit card or credit card. IMPORTANT: Failure to complete an upfront payment  will prevent the Student from enrolling/attending such course.

8.3. Once a payment has been captured, the total funds (including LessonWise’s  commission and the Tutor’s fee) are held automatically by Stripe for at least 48 hours after the lesson has been completed. Once the processing period has  finalised, the payment is automatically split by Stripe, and the fees owed to the  tutor are sent automatically to the Tutor’s bank account (via their Stripe account),  and the Company’s commission is sent to its Stripe wallet.  

8.4. The company does not hold nor control any payments stemming from lessons  rendered by Tutors.  

8.5. The Company does not have any control over the Tutor’s automatically  generated Stripe account which serves as an automatic payment  gateway for Tutors to seamlessly receive payments to their bank account directly. 

8.6. The exact amount Tutors are paid depends on the duration of the lesson as well as their hourly rate. 

8.7. According to Stripe policies, payments due to the Tutor can take between 3 to  14 business days to reach their bank account after a lesson has been rendered (after a first payment is successfully processed, all subsequent payments start to be  processed faster by Stripe).  

8.8. Tutors must have a valid bank account that is supported by Stripe in order to  received payments automatically (see Supported Countries for more details). 

In the context of Arranged Group Courses: 

8.9. The applicable Tutor hourly fee for each Arranged Group Course will be agreed at th  outset of each Arranged Group Course and confirmed in the Tutor Agreement. 

8.10. Tutors shall be entitled to request payment for services delivered and, if required  to charge VAT. If the Tutor is VAT registered, they are entitled to issue a VAT invoice for such services. 

8.11. Tutors must submit an invoice with detailed information related to all the  Lessons and other educational services they rendered in a given month, by the end  of that month. 

8.12. The Company shall pay the Tutor by the 7th day of the  month for the tuition services that were carried out in the previous month. 

8.13. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Company undertakes to pay monies due to the Tutor in respect of the services carried out by the Tutor under this Agreement whether or not the Company has received a corresponding payment from the Student in respect of such tuition services. 


9.1 Any withdrawal of or amendment to charges for tuition are at the discretion of the Company, and requests for refunds should be directed to the Company, including in the case of unethical practice. 

9.2 Where a charge for tuition is amended or withdrawn by the Tutor, the associated  commission fees for the Company’s services will be withdrawn or amended accordingly. 

9.3 Any payment already made will be returned to the bank card from which  payment was originally made.

9.4 If the relevant card has been cancelled or replaced then credit will be returned via BACS (or CHAPS in the case of a non-UK bank account). 

In the context of Arranged Group Courses: 

9.5 In the event that a Student does not agree to changes put forward by a Tutor in  respect of a lesson’s date and/or time, such Student has the right to either request a  refund or accept the changes. If such Student opts for a refund, the company will issue  a full refund and will charge the Tutor for any transaction fees incurred by deducting  them from future payments due to them. 

9.6 In the event that a Tutor fails to conduct a lesson that has been paid for by a  Student, and provided all parties are not able to agree on rescheduling such lesson to a  new date and time, the Company will refund the Student in full and charge the Tutor any transaction fees incurred by deducting them from any future payments due to them. 

9.7 In the event that the Arranged Group Course has not started yet and the Student has  already purchased and enrolled onto one, they would be entitled to receive a full refund,  provided that we are given at least 24 hours’ notice prior.  

9.8 In the event that a Student decides to opt out of a course while it is still running,  they will only be entitled to a full refund after the first lesson and before the second  lesson in a multi-lesson course. 

9.9 The only instance where a Student or group of Students will be issued a refund  after the second lesson has been fully rendered, is if the Tutor appears to have shown behaviour that violates LessonWise’s Terms of Use, or if their service was not rendered properly. In this case, and upon being made aware of the situation, LessonWise will  investigate the matter further and consider issuing a refund at its own discretion. 


It should be assumed that all tuition organised through LessonWise is  subject to these terms, unless an alternative policy is explicitly set by the Tutor: 

10.1. Any cancellation charges are, ultimately, at the Tutor’s discretion, and the Tutor  is at liberty to set their own terms in this respect, in agreement with the Student. 

10.2. A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation or rescheduling of  any Lesson by either the Tutor or the Student. 

10.3. Where less than 48 hours’ notice is given by the Student, they should expect to  pay for the full cost of the planned lesson, plus any agreed expenses already incurred  in respect of the session. Ultimately, any cancellation charges are at the Tutor’s  discretion, and the Tutor is at liberty to set their own terms in this respect, in agreement  with the Student.

10.4. Where a charge is incurred for late cancellation, the Tutor should make the  Student aware of this. 

10.5. Where a Student fails to attend a session they deliberately purchased and  enrolled in without at least two hours’ notice, they will be liable for the full value of  the planned lesson. 

In the context of Arranged Group Courses: 

10.6 Any cancellation charges are, ultimately, at the Company’s discretion, and the Company is at the liberty to set its own terms. 

10.7 Where less than 48 hours’ notice is given by the Student before the course starts, they  should expect to pay for the full cost of the planned course plus any agreed expenses  already incurred in respect of the course.  

10.8 Once a Student is enrolled onto an Arranged Group Course, Students cannot voluntarily  reschedule a lesson. The rescheduling of lessons can only be administered by the Tutor.  

10.9 Where a student fails to attend a lesson in an Arranged Group Course they deliberately  purchased and enrolled onto, they will be liable for the full value of the planned course. 

10.10 Where a student decides to withdraw from an Arranged Course after attending  the first lesson and before the second lesson in a multi-lesson course, they would be  entitled to a full refund.  

10.11 Where a charge is incurred for late cancellation, the Company should make the  Student aware of this. 

10.12 Where a Tutor decides to cancel an Arranged Group Course, Tutors must refer to  specific cancellation policies laid out in each relevant Tutor Agreement.  

10.13 If a Tutor wishes to reschedule a lesson within any given Arranged Course, then  that is possible if all enrolled students agree to the new time proposed by the Tutor. If  any of the enrolled students on any Arranged Course do not agree, then the Tutor must  refund those who cannot make that particular date.  


11.1 The Tutors represented by LessonWise are self-employed individuals and  therefore they are not subject to any right of direction, supervision or control either by the Company or the Student. 

11.2. Tutors are engaged by students for their particular skills and expertise in a  subject matter. They are expected to take full responsibility for the manner in which their educational services are provided. The Tutor will use their discretion in  determining the most appropriate teaching method depending on the Student’s needs.

11.3. It is the responsibility of the tutor to: 

11.3.1 Agree upon the times, dates, frequency and length of the sessions with the  Student. 

11.3.2. Determine the teaching method and approach used in any session guided by  experience and industry practice. 

In the context of Arranged Group Courses: 

11.4. The Tutors engage with the Company as a self-employed subcontractor to  deliver tuition programmes arranged by the Company. The exact terms of such  engagement are to be laid out in the Tutor Agreement. 

11.5. By accepting the terms laid out in the Tutor Agreement in respect of an  Arranged Group Course, the Tutor accepts and acknowledges that: 

11.5.1. The Tutor has any experience, training, qualifications or authorisations which  are necessary for the Arranged Course as specified by law, a professional body  and/or in accordance with any requirements communicated by the Company or its  client as necessary for the Arranged Courses. 

11.5.2. The Tutor will provide the tutoring services during the hours from the start date  until the end date specified in the relevant Tutor Agreement after which the  Arranged Course and the Tutor Agreement will terminate. 

11.5.3. The Tutor shall be responsible for the performance of any Arranged Group Course to  which he/she has been appointed save that the Company will agree the dates and  times for the performance of the tutoring services with the client. The Tutor  warrants covenants and undertakes that the Tutor operates and will at all time  operate as an independent business such that the supply the Tutor makes under the  Tutor Agreement is one of professional consultancy services and that the Tutor is  not subject to the supervision, direction or control of any person as to the manner  in which he/she performs the Arranged Group Course and that no person has the right to  exercise such supervision, direction or control. 

11.5.4. The Tutor shall carry out the Assignment with all due care, skill and ability in  accordance with the requirements of the client. 

11.5.5. It is the responsibility of the Tutor to determine the teaching method and  approach used in any session guided by experience and industry practice. 12.5.6. The Tutor shall, if requested by the Company, provide reports outlining the  work undertaken for the client and providing feedback on how the Assignment is  progressing (which the Company will then forward to the client). 

11.5.6 If the Tutor is unable to attend an agreed lesson as part of an Arranged Group Course,  the Tutor is expected to find a suitable substitute (in terms of experience,  qualification and skills) and notify both the client and the Company as soon as  possible with the details of the substitute tutor. A substitute tutor will be  considered suitable only if he/she is able to comply with all the obligations set out  in the Tutor Agreement (including any requirements of any client, LessonWise or  industry best practise including without being limited to holding a valid and up to date Enhanced DBS Check and having adequate experience to carry out the  Assignment) as if he/she were the Tutor, and the Tutor remains liable for the substitute and all obligations under the Agreement. 

11.5.7 The Tutor shall use all reasonable endeavours to complete each Arranged  Course that he/she has agreed to perform. However, if the Tutor is unable to  continue to perform his/her services in respect of an Assignment for whatever  reason, he/she shall provide the Company with 14 days’ written notice of 

termination. The Tutor will be paid for all work done during the Arranged Course up to the time he/she ceases to perform work under it. 

11.5.8 If a client informs the Company or the Tutor for any reason whatsoever that the  services of the Tutor are no longer required, or if the client terminates its contract  with the Company, the Tutor will cease immediately providing the services under  the particular Tutor Agreement as part of an Arranged Course. The Tutor will only  be paid for any work done during the Assignment up to the time he/she ceases to  perform work under it. 

Academic Reporting Obligations for Tutors

Mandatory Reporting: It is incumbent upon each Tutor engaged with LessonWise to diligently prepare and submit an academic report for each student under their tutelage, adhering to the following stipulated circumstances:

  • Initial Report: A comprehensive academic report must be submitted following the completion of the first lesson delivered to each student.
  • Monthly Reports: Subsequent reports are required to be filed by no later than the second working day of every subsequent month, covering the entirety of the tutoring period within the preceding month.

Compliance with Report Issuance Policies: Tutors are to rigorously observe and execute their reporting duties in accordance with LessonWise's established report issuance policies. This adherence is fundamental not only to fostering a productive and harmonious relationship with our clients but also as a pivotal mechanism for augmenting both client retention and satisfaction, benefiting both the Tutor and LessonWise.

Use of Reporting Tools: Tutors are required to utilise the designated LessonWise reporting tool for the creation and submission of all academic reports. This tool is readily accessible through the following procedure:

  • Navigate to the specific course page associated with the student in question.
  • Proceed to the 'Admin' menu.
  • Select the reporting tool provided within the menu options.

Confidentiality and Standards: All reports must be composed with a high degree of professionalism, accuracy, and respect for confidentiality. The content should reflect a fair and honest assessment of the student's progress, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Submission and Deadlines: Timely submission of reports as outlined above is critical. Failure to comply with these reporting deadlines may result in a review of the Tutor's engagement with LessonWise, including potential re-evaluation of their status as an active Tutor within our network.


By accepting to tutor with LessonWise, the Tutor unequivocally agrees to these terms, acknowledging their crucial role in the educational journey of their students and the expectations set forth by LessonWise to maintain the highest standards of academic support and integrity.


12.1. Nothing in these Terms shall prevent the Tutor from being engaged, concerned  or having any financial interest in any capacity in any other business, trade, profession  or occupation during the engagement with LessonWise provided that such activity  does not breach or cause the Tutor to breach any of the Tutor’s obligations under these Terms. 


13.1. The company does not condone any practice which could be construed as  plagiarism, academic misconduct, or a violation of intellectual property rights, and  reserves the right to withdraw its services from any user considered to have engaged,  or sought to engage, in such activities. 

13.2. In line with industry and quality standards, the company reserves the right  immediately to withdraw their services from any Tutor or Student found to have  engaged in such practices, or caused them to have been engaged in, or to have  requested that this be done. 

13.3. No party found to have acted in this way will have any protection under these  terms, nor will they be eligible for any refund of payment already made. 

13.4 Further, the company will not allow charges for work which it considers to be  in breach of this rule to be raised through its integrated billing platform. 


14.1. The company reserves the right to select its clients which include Tutors and  Students, and to withdraw its services from any user where this is judged to be  appropriate. 

14.2. We do not consider age, gender, religious belief or any other protected  characteristic when selecting our clients. 

14.3. Tutors are chosen on the basis of their ability, as demonstrated at an initial  interaction with the Company, their experience, and the likelihood of demand for their  services, based on the company’s experience and predictions. 


15.1. It is a requirement of representation by the company that we have in our possession a copy of the certificate of an Enhanced check through the UK Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or national equivalent, the required identification documents for the Company to conduct the necessary identity checks as prescribed by the UK Government (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dbs-identity-checking-guidelines/id-checking-guidelines-for-standardenhanced-dbs-check-applications-from-1-july-2021), and the cross-checking of two references collected from two of the Tutor's referees of choice before any tuition can be approved.

15.2 In certain circumstances it may not be possible to obtain a DBS certificate or  equivalent for a tutor, for example where no such service is available through the government of the tutor’s country of residence. A record of this fact will be kept, and  this will be made known to the bill-paying client for any tuition service in which the  Student is a minor or vulnerable adult. 

15.3 Any personal information disclosed as part of this process will be handled with  care and sensitivity. We are not obliged to disclose any information which is not  relevant to the provision of educational services. 


16.1 The company accepts no liability for the outcome of any tuition services arranged through LessonWise, or any academic judgement made upon the Student’s  performance by any educational institution or professional body with which they may  be affiliated. Responsibility for the success or failure of a Student’s efforts rests  ultimately with the Student. 

16.2 Acceptance of these Terms includes an agreement to indemnify the Company,  without limit, in respect of any claims arising out of, or relating to, tuition services  arranged through our Company. 

16.2 Any offer made by the company in the event of dissatisfaction on the part of the  Student is at the discretion of the company, and does not constitute acceptance of  responsibility for the outcome of the Project. 

16.3 The Company is not liable for any interactions between tutors and students. We  are not liable for any claims, disputes, losses, injuries or damage of any kind that  might stem from the conduct of tutors or students nor the interactions between  them. 

16.4 There are risks inherent to using our services. For example, enrolling in a fitness  course might lead to you injuring yourself. You fully accept these risks, and you  agree that you will have no recourse to seek damages against us. You agree fully  that LessonWise is not liable in any way or form for any damages or loses you  suffer from: using our platform and/or services, your inability to access or use our  platform and/or services, any content or conduct of any other party other than  LessonWise, or any unauthorized access, use, or alteration of your content or  information. 

Non-Circumvention: Tutors engaged through LessonWise agree not to circumvent the Platform by arranging or attempting to arrange direct agreements or lessons with any client they have met through the Platform, without the prio written consent of LessonWise.

Non-Solicitation: Tutors shall not, during the term of their engagement with the Platform and for a period of twelve (12) months thereafter, solicit or attempt to solicit any Client with whom they have had contact through the Platform, for the purpose of providing tutoring services outside the Platform. Solicitation includes, but is not limited to, offering or suggesting that the Client arrange lessons outside the Platform to avoid the payment of commission fees.

Breach of Clause

a. Reporting: Clients and Tutors are encouraged to report any attempts or suggestions to breach this clause to LessonWise immediately. Reports can be made confidentially via info@lessonwise.org.

b. Consequences of Breach: In the event of a breach of this clause, LessonWise reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including but not limited to, immediate termination of the Tutor's access to the Platform, and pursuing legal remedies for any damages incurred as a result of the breach

Tutors must maintain the confidentiality of all Client information obtained during the course of their engagement through the Platform and must not use such information for any purpose other than providing tutoring services through the Platform.

18. TAX 

18.1 The company’s fees are subject to VAT, the amount of which will be set out in the Student’s invoices/charges. 

18.2 The Tutor shall account on a timely basis to the appropriate authorities for all tax (including VAT), National Insurance contributions and social security levies (if  any) (or any overseas equivalents of the same) payable in respect of sums paid to the  Tutor in connection with tuition services delivered through LessonWise. 


19.1 You undertake that you shall not at any time disclose to any person any  confidential information concerning the business, affairs, customers, users or suppliers  of the company with third parties, except as may be required by law, court order or any  governmental or regulatory authority. You shall not use the company’s confidential  information for any purpose other than to perform your obligations under these terms. 


20.1 Any tuition services arranged through LessonWise, where LessonWise acts as an introductory service provider, may be terminated with immediate effect at the request of either the Tutor or the Student. 

20.2 It is expected that either party will give notice of termination within 24 hours’ notice prior to a planned lesson. 

In the context of Arranged Group Courses, 

20.3 Any tuition services arranged directly by LessonWise, the Company may at any time terminate the agreement it holds with the  Tutor (Tutor Agreement) as part of any arranged course with immediate effect with no  liability to make any further payment to the Tutor (other than in respect of any accrued  fees or expenses payable in accordance with the Tutor Agreement at the date of  termination) if: 

20.3.1 The Company receives any information to suggest or has reasonable  grounds to believe that the Tutor is not suitable for an Assignment and/or to  work with children generally. 

20.3.2 The Tutor commits any act detrimentally affecting the business of the  Company. 

20.3.3 The Tutor is in material breach of any of his/her obligations under these  terms. 

20.3.4 The Tutor is convicted of any criminal offence (other than an offence  under any road traffic legislation in the United Kingdom or elsewhere for  which a fine or non-custodial penalty is imposed) or otherwise brings the  Company into disrepute. 

20.3.5 The Tutor, other than as a result of illness or accident (which has been  notified to the Company in writing), wilfully neglects to provide or fails to  remedy any default in the provision of any tuition service.

20.3.6 The Company’s client (the Student) terminates a tuition agreement in  accordance with clause 12.5.9. 


We reserve the right to remove functions, features, or requirements, and we may suspend or  stop part of our services altogether. Consequently, we may terminate your use of any service  and function for any reason, and we will not be liable to you in any way for any such action. 


22.1 We may update these terms from time to time to reflect changes to our practices  or services, or to include new terms and conditions related to new features and platform  updates. LessonWise reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify these terms at  any time. 

22.2 Any term changes that might cause a direct impact on any users in respect of  using our services will be communicated with such users with ample notice time. 

22.3 In the context of Arranged Courses, the terms of use laid out in this agreement may only be varied by a document signed by both the Tutor and the Company (known  as the Tutor Agreement). 


23.1. Content published by LessonWise 

23.1.1 The content and materials posted by us remain our intellectual property and we  are the sole owners or licensees to it. Any material or content on our site including,  but not limited to, illustrations, designs, images, photographs, videos, text, logos,  API and code, are protected by copyright and trademark laws and all such rights  are reserved. 

23.1.2 You may print or download copies of materials posted by us on our site, share  links or draw attention to it for your own personal interest, but you must not use  any content on our site for any commercial purposes, and you must not tamper  with it or use it without authorization. 

23.1.3 All lesson video recordings generated as part of courses arranged by  LessonWise remain the company’s intellectual property and we are the sole  owners or licensees to it even in those instances were sub-contracted where in  charge of conducting such lessons. We do not permit any unauthorised redistribution of our video recordings. We reserve full rights to distribute video  recordings for our own commercial purposes only.  

23.1.4. All lesson notes created and advertised by LessonWise remain our intellectual  property and we are the sole owners or licensees to it. We do not permit any  unauthorised re-distribution of our lesson notes. We reserve full rights to distribute  lesson notes for our own commercial purposes only. 

23.2. User-generated content 

23.2.1 All content and resources generated or uploaded by a tutor as part of a course  can only be accessed by the tutor and the students enrolled in that course. All  content and resources generated or uploaded by any student(s) enrolled in a course  can only be accessed by the tutor delivering that course, as well as all the other 

students enrolled. However, if a tutor deliberately chooses to make any content  public on this site (either from them or from any student), they immediately grant  LessonWise users the rights to view and share this content. This means that when  Tutors generate course-related resources and materials and make them public on  the LessonWise platform, they grant LessonWise users the rights to reuse, publicly  display, copy, distribute, modify, edit, adapt, and share this content (including  your name and image) with anyone on the LessonWise platform. You retain all  intellectual property and are responsible for the content you generate on our site.  The content published by our users on this site is protected by copyright law and  all rights are reserved. 

23.2.2 Any content or resources generated or uploaded by our users, including  materials uploaded to the online classroom, materials shared via the public and  private chats within the online classroom, materials shared through the internal  messaging system of LessonWise, course-related resources, or comments on our  social pages, is not vetted, approved nor verified by us and we have no  responsibility and no liability related to its use, access, or distribution. We reserve  the right to remove any User-generated Content for any reason, including User generated Content that the Company believe violates these Terms including our  Acceptable Use Policy (below outlined). 

23.3. Content rules 

23.3.1 You may not access our platform and services or create an account for unlawful  purposes. You are responsible for all the content you share on our site. Therefore,  you should keep all content including resources, courses, posts, comments,  reviews and questions, in line with our Acceptable Use Policy. 

23.3.2 If we are informed or put on notice that your content is unlawful, inappropriate,  objectionable, or that it violates the rights of others, we reserve the right to remove  your content from our site. 

23.4. Third party content 

By using our platform, you will be able to access content provided by users and  links to other websites and services that are run by third parties. LessonWise has  no responsibility or liability related to your access to such third party content and  cannot guarantee neither the reliability and/or credibility of such content nor that  it will be free of inappropriate material or malware that might harm your devices  or any files therein. 


24.1 Your behaviour on our platform must comply with the local and national laws  and regulations of your country. You are solely responsible for the knowledge and  compliance with such laws and regulations. 

24.2. If we discover that your behaviour violates our Acceptable Use Policy, or if we  believe your behaviour is unlawful, inappropriate, or objectionable, we may restrict or  terminate your use of our site and services, or ban your account at any time, with or  without notice, for any or no reason. Upon such termination we may delete your  account and/or content, and we may prevent you from accessing our site and services  again.


25.1. We do not review, control nor edit any content shared by users on our site, and  we are not in a position to determine the legality of such content. Moreover, we do not  guarantee its reliability, accuracy or truthfulness. If you happen to access content on  our platform, you rely on the information shared by the Tutor or Student at your own  risk. Moreover, you may be exposed to content that you might consider offensive or  objectionable. We have no responsibility to keep this content or information from you  and no liability related to your access to such content. 

25.2. We are not responsible nor liable for any interactions between Tutors and  Students. We are not liable for any claims, disputes, losses, injuries or damage of any  kind that might stem from the conduct of Tutors or Students nor the interactions  between them. 


26.1 We are the sole owners and licensors of the LessonWise platform and its  services, including the website, any future or past features or functionalities, our logos,  APIs, code, databases and any content generated by us or any of our employees. Our  platform and services are protected by copyright and trademark laws and all such rights  are reserved. 

26.2 You have no right to use the LessonWise name or any of its logos, domain  names or any other feature of our brand. Any feedback or suggestions you provide  regarding our platform and the services we offer is completely voluntary, and we will  use such feedback or suggestions as we see fit and without any obligation towards you. 

26.3 You may not do any of the following while using our platform or services: 

26.3.1. Tamper with any of the non-public areas of our platform, including content  storage. 

26.3.2. Interfere or disrupt the useability or access of any user, host or network to any  of our services by introducing viruses, spamming, overloading, or mail-bombing  the platform. You may not use any of our services in any way to send deceptive,  altered, or false information, including sending emailed information pretending to  be LessonWise. 

26.3.3. Interfere or disable any of our platform features related to security. Furthermore,  you may not probe the vulnerability of any of our systems. 

26.3.4. Copy, reverse engineer, modify, or otherwise attempt to access or discover any  source code of our platform or any content shared on it. 

26.3.5. Access or search our platform and its services by any automated means such as  spiders, robots or otherwise. 


We respect the intellectual property rights of our users and any other third parties and expect  our users to do the same. We reserve the right to disable or terminate the accounts of users who  have been charged with infringing copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property  belonging to others. 


Our platform might occasionally be down, either for planned maintenance or due to failures on  our systems, or any other reasons that escape our reasonable control. There may be bugs  hindering the adequate functioning of some of our features. We may encounter security issues  due to third parties introducing viruses on our systems or defeating our security measures. You  accept that you will not have any recourse against us if anything does not work out right or as  expected. The services offered on this platform and all its content are provided on an “as is”  basis. We do not make any representation nor make any warranty about the reliability,  availability, security, lack of errors or bugs, suitability or accuracy of such services and their  content. We make no warranty that you will obtain any specific results from using our services.  Your use of LessonWise and any of its services or content shared on it is entirely at your own  risk.